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    Product Information


    • 1. Pre-order means "You can place an order for an item that has not yet been released."
    • 2. For Pre-order items, we offer up to 35% OFF for only 5 days.
    • 3. A successful Pre-Order must meet our order volume goal. If the goal is not met 15 pcs within the 5-day period, Pre-Order will fail.
    • 4. If the Pre-Order goal is met 15 pcs, orders will be processed and items will be shipped on the expected Ship Date.
    • 5. In case of a failed Pre-Order, payment will be refunded to your Modlily store account at the end of the Pre-Order period.
    • 6. All pre-items enjoy free standard shipping, without minimum order. Pre-items and other items will be separated into different orders compulsorily.


    • Pre Order Items cannot be combined with coupon codes.
    • Each batch should be completely filled to ship the order with the confirmation email. If the order is not succeed, your pre-sale items will be automatically cancelled. Refund will be issued in 24 hours.

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