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Processing Affiliate Program Description Affiliate Program (MAP) is a platform for affiliates to earn money online. All terms and conditions below apply to all affiliates. Once you join affiliate program, it means that you totally agree with the agreement. And if you violate any of them, has the right to cancel your account and recall commission at our store.

Rights and Obligations of Affiliates

1. affiliates can promote any product items at store with defined links through various kinds of promotion methods that you do well in, except bidding on all of related brand names with CPC and CPS campaign, such as “”, “ store”, “”, “ store”, etc.

2. Affiliates shouldn’t publish any fake information in name of to mislead visitors. If affiliate violates this term, we have the right to cancel even recall all the commission and the affiliate will be expelled from our affiliate program.

3. Affiliates should pay attention to the Affiliate Announcement on our website and learn latest information about our affiliate program. Besides, in order to improve your affiliate performance and commission, you should update your affiliate ads/link according to our latest published activity notification.

4. Affiliates can’t buy from your own channel to get this commission for your own purchase; all the purchase from yourself is not counted.

Rights and Obligations of

1. has the right to revise the terms of affiliate programs and supervise the performance of affiliates. Affiliates should cooperate with us for the supervision.

2. must pay commission to the affiliates whose total commission gets at $100 at least once received the requirements from affiliates. will transfer commission to affiliate’s Paypal account within 2 working days. Applicants need to pay the transfer fee (about 3.9% +0.5 USD for each transfer.

3. must keep in touch with affiliates and inform them of all information and instructions about Affiliate Program, providing affiliates all the necessary information about our program, collecting and providing all the information about the orders for affiliates, dealing with all the transactions from payment to delivery as well as after-sales service.

4.Anyone who purchases on our website will be the customer of no matter he/she purchase directly from our website or through the affiliate link. We keep all the information about our customers. Any request for our customers’ information will be rejected by

Commission Calculation and Commission Payment.

1.All of affiliates get at least 5% commission for each paid order, excluding shipping fee, which means that the paid order doesn’t contain the shipping fee and affiliates get commission only for the sale of the product items, except shipping fee.

2.Affiliates can use commission to buy items at store, or you can ask for withdraw when the total commission reaches at least $100.Send an email to: and provide your affiliate email and the paypal payment email, and then we will transfer commission to your Paypal account within 2 working days. We only accept Paypal account and affiliates have to pay the transfer fee (about 3.9% +0.5 USD for each transfer).

All rights reserved to Affiliate Program.

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